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Tired of having broken appliances? Looking for a reliable repair expert to solve your problems? Say goodbye to the frustration of having broken appliances! At Cordoba Appliance & A/C & Heating, we are a beacon of hope amidst the chaos of home appliances in Hesperia, CA. From faulty refrigerators to temperamental ovens, expert air conditioning and stove repair technicians are ready to save the day. With fast repairs and unparalleled expertise, we turn your appliance-related issues into peace of mind.

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Available Services

Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerator Repair

Recover your refrigerator's functionality with our impeccable repair services. From refrigeration problems to faulty compressors, our skilled technicians quickly diagnose and repair refrigerator problems and keep perishables fresh. With extensive experience and original parts, we restore functionality, preventing food spoilage and damage.
Washing Machine Repair

Washing Machine Repair

Say goodbye to the hassle of having a broken washing machine. We specialize in repairing washing machine malfunctions, whether it's leaks, spinning problems, or electronic issues. Our technicians use advanced diagnostics to pinpoint the problem and get your laundry routine back to normal quickly with reliable repairs and durable solutions.
Dryer Repair

Dryer Repair

Our experts provide efficient dryer repair services for your valuable dryer. Our repair service effectively solves a variety of problems and ensures your washing machine is up and running and your laundry dries efficiently and safely. With attention to detail and quality parts, we can restore your dryer's performance.
Stove Repair

Stove Repair

Bring your stove back to life with our efficient repair service. If your oven won't light or cooks unevenly, our experts will intervene quickly and accurately to repair and restore the heart of your kitchen to full working order. Whether it's a faulty switch or a damaged heater, we'll fix stove problems quickly and efficiently.
Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Air Conditioning and Heating Services

Beat the heat or stay cozy in the winter with our comprehensive air conditioning system and heating services. From routine maintenance to complex repairs, professional technicians optimize the performance of your HVAC system. Allow our expert technicians to bring back peace to your home with our impeccable work.

The Value of Functional Appliances

Using appliances isn’t just convenient – it’s a smart investment in your home and lifestyle. Functional appliances save time and money by reducing energy costs and preventing expensive repairs. In addition, they increase your comfort and contribute to a happier and more efficient home. So don’t just keep your equipment, invest in comfort and peace of mind with our reliable home appliance repair service.

Client Testimonials

Top Dryer Repair Service!

The dryer repair service was amazing! Everything was perfect! They managed to diagnose and fix our dryer without unnecessary delays. Now it's running very smoothly! Without a doubt, one of the most reliable services we've hired!

Why Choose Us?

As the top choice for appliance service experts, we prioritize customer satisfaction. With unique expertise, fast service, and a commitment to quality, we consistently exceed expectations. Our transparent pricing, quality parts, and friendly technicians ensure a hassle-free experience every time. Choose us for unmatched reliability and peace of mind. 

Service Areas

We are proud to serve a wide range of locations, offering our expert and affordable washer and dryer repair services to customers in the areas placed below. Trust us to bring reliable repair work right to your door in each of the following areas:

  • Spring Valley Lake, CA
  • Oak Hills, CA
  • Crestline, CA
  • Lucerne Valley, CA
  • Wrightwood, CA

Thank you for considering Cordoba Appliance & A/C & Heating for your appliance repair needs in Hesperia, CA. We are confident in our ability to keep your appliances in perfect working order. Contact our repair team today and experience the difference our quality service makes on your property.

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  • Washing Machine Repair
  • Dryer Repair
  • Stove Repair
  • Air Conditioning Repair
  • Heating Repair
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